Hi, I’m Ryan

I’m a session guitarist and working musician from Birmingham, U.K. Since picking up the guitar aged 10, I haven’t really put it down! From playing amateur theatre productions, large scale events with over 20,000 people, local clubs, gigs and function work, I have gained extensive experience, and all before the age of 20. Having just spent 3 years at the University of Wolverhampton, where I gained a First Class degree in Music Technology and Popular Music, I have developed knowledge and experience to not only advance my guitar playing, but also my recording and production skills. It is my range of different skills and abilities which gave me a keen ear for detail in music. I am always thinking how anything I do will effect the piece of music, the mix, the vibe, anything – this is why my work as a guitarist has always been a cut above the rest. Please get in touch if you are interested in working together, below are some of the services I am happy to offer


Live Sessions

This is my passion and the heart of what I do. Playing guitar live to a crowd is the sole reason became a musician.


Recording Sessions

My ability to pick up parts quickly and my professional gear could not leave your session and dreams in safer hands. Just tell me where to set up, what to play and what kind of coffee you like!


Remote Sessions

If you need something doing quick but done right, send me your track online and I will deliver quality sounding guitars with access to both, an impressive top recording studio in Birmingham, and a quality home recording rig, you can expect serious results.


Function/Weddings Sessions

Having played at many functions and weddings, I have become familiar with what some would call “typical” wedding repertoire. Usually available at short notice and with a knowledge of whats expected, I can get the job done to the highest possible standard.


Anything Else!

At the heart of my work, I take a very human approach to all things, so if you need musical assistance or a service that doesn’t necessarily fit into anything of the above, I am always happy to have a chat and we can figure it out together.

Take a listen down below to some of the things I’ve been working on